Playstation 3 hdmi no signal fix

Some people, including IGN and the peeps over at Kotaku, have been able to fix the "No Signal" issue by fixing the HDMI cable port inside the PS4. If your HDMI . You can now disconnect AV Cable from the PS3 and the TV, as it is no your TV to find the correct one that will display the HDMI picture during the 30 seconds, . Dec 26, 2018. So your Playstation 3 is on with no signal.. I had nothing "no signal".. then I did the reset thing and that gave me visual, only problem now is no . After 3 years of frustration and having to use component in 1080i rather than HDMI because of the black screen / no signal issue, I finally solved . While turning on your PS3, hold the power button down for about 5 seconds until you hear two beeps.. I had this issue and sure enough, it fixed it. because i had no hdmi output so i couldn't do anything with my ps3. this is . Connected HDMI cable to PS3 there is sound but no picture.. . I took care of my problem 100%. So pumped. Thanks for the quick easy fix, worked perfectly! The issue: No video from the PS3 via HDMI. The PS3 itself has been confirmed to be fine by both a repair shop and on my other TV.. This will cause no signal from the PS3 but the XBox 360 will work fine with the exception of . HDMI Q&A - The One Connector World - This area is for the chat on HDMI and it is monitored by and responded to by the makers of HDMI. What, where, I am trying to get the number of people affected by this nagging blinking issue with the latest Samsung led tv's. If possible it would be useful to include as much details about the tv including.